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Review: Fjällräven Abisko Trail Tights (women)


I tested this trekking tights in summer in the Ardennes, the German Eifel and during walks in the Netherlands. The pants are light and offer much freedom of movement, but stiff seams make this not my favorite pants.


The Abisko trail tights is light and durable and suited for intensive tours and warm days. The pants are made of stretch fabric. The back and knees are made of other (reinforced) stretch material that, according to the product description, is resistant to contact with sharp stones and rocks and to moisture when sitting on damp ground. Perfect for all types of walks in the mountains and other rugged areas.

The durability of the pants is mainly because aramid fibers are used for the reinforced parts. Aramid is very strong, resistant to wear and has a low flammability. For that reason it is used in bullet-proof vests and fire-retardant clothing.


The first thing I notice when putting on the pants is the great freedom of movement. I have several hiking pants and the advantage of tights is immediately clear: the pants are lightweight and no matter what movement I make, the pants are not in the way because of the stretch fabric they are made of. A drawstring at the waist ensures that the pants stay in place.


The length of the pants (size L) is fine for me and that is not so often, because I have fairly long legs (length 34, sometimes 36) and ladies’ pants are too short most of the time.

I also notice stiff seams on the back of the legs. I wonder if this will get better after a few times in the washing machine, but unfortunately it won’t.

Functional material

Fjällräven is known for developing functional and durable clothes, also with this tights. The fabric, but also the useful pockets on the legs. A large pocket for a map, a slightly smaller pocket with a zipper and on the back of the waistband is a safety bag, which is a handy place for storing your phone, if it is not too big. As an example: My iPhone 8plus doesn’t fit, but an iPhone 7 does.

The review

During one of the hikes I had to descend on my bum, because it was too steep to walk. Because the fabric feels very thin, I was afraid that it would cause bald spots on the pants, but the reinforced pieces function perfectly and the rocks didn’t damage the pants.

I mainly tested the pants on hot days (more than 22 degrees). Although the pants are meant for this, I prefer a pair of shorts. I tested black tights and black absorbs heat and it might be possible that the another colors is less hot. They are also available in dark garnet, grey and dark navy.

The trousers absorb little water in a normal (Dutch) rain shower and it quickly gets dry. During a walk in the Netherlands it was a bit colder, around 18 degrees, and for that temperature I think the pants are perfect.


Trousers that fulfill almost all of Fjällräven’s promises. Functional and technical due to the firm fabric, the great freedom of movement and because it is fast drying. For me a little too hot for summer days and the stiff stitching on the inside is really annoying because they rub with every move.

There is a complete Abisko product line and the pants are also available for men.


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